Video: Have you Profiled your Distribution Facility Lately?

Recent trends affecting your warehouse operations today. Based on these factors, it is important to profile the products in your warehouse immediately. Also, a video is embedded for you to watch on profiling your distribution center.

Profiling – Slotting Items based on Case Height, Weight, Dimensions

When stacking product on a pallet, you need to know the stackability and the crushability of a product. In this article, the stacking and crushing factors are defined to help develop best practices for slotting products for picking and transporting on a pallet. This will effect the products ability to be store using bulk storage techniques.

Profiling – ABCs of Warehousing and Distribution

Based on the number of lines per order, learn how to design a warehouse pick operation. Areas discussed include slotting, velocity, ABC analysis, 80-20 rule for the warehouse, and if you company owns both the distribution center and the retails stores, the benefits of slotting by store aisles.