Increase Warehouse Order Picking Speeds

The job of a warehouse manager is not easy.  He or she is accountable for a lot of things to keep the warehouse fulfillment operations running as efficiently as possible.  No one knows better that “the customer is always right”.  Customers’ demands determine what order picking is required in the warehouse with the internet has …

Materials Handling Trends in 2012

This article discusses the materials handling and warehousing trends for 2012: Labor cost containment and productivity, Lowering maintenance costs, Lowering energy costs, Environmental impact, and Financing flexibility. Topics covered include Fleet Optimization and Forklift design improvements.

Do Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Forklifts Make Sense?

Fuel cells are emerging technology for forklifts and warehouses. This article looks at the Pros and Cons of fuel cells versus other fuels for lift trucks. Also, an ROI is provided for justifying fuel cells over lead-acid batteries, battery changers and battery rooms.