When Should a Forklift have Preventative Maintenance Done?

Guide to when service and maintenance should be performed on a lift truck. Forklifts are required to have regular inspection and repair according to OSHA. This article explains some of the ins and outs of preventative maintenance on an industrial truck.

Forklift Battery Charger – 10 charging tips for lift truck batteries

Top 10 tips on how to charge a forklift battery with with an industrial lift truck charger. Is my charger matched to my forklift battery? Is my charger damaging my forklift battery? What should I do when watering a pallet jack battery? Electric forklifts need batteries and chargers, which charger is right for me?

Forklift Life Expectancy

How many years will my forklift last? How old will a forklift get before it needs to be retired and replaced? What helps a lift truck last longer? What shortens a fork truck’s life? How do I calculate a lift trucks’ total cost of ownership? What is the benchmark for maintenance and repair costs on a forklift? How many hours will a forklift run for before needing to be replaced? Can an electric forklift operate outside?

How to charge and care for forklift batteries

Battery maintenance guide: What is proper way to care for a forklift battery? When charging forklift batteries, you need to follow these simple rules: cool, clean, water, charge, discharge, rotate. This article explains what to do on a daily, weekly and monthly bases.