How to Buy a Reach Truck for your Warehouse

Looking to buy a Reach Truck?  Read this first.  This short article will guide you through the ins and out of buying a reach fork lift truck. This article will take you through: reach truck dimensions and technical parameters important warehouse design considerations Buy a Reach Fork Truck When buying a reach lift truck you …

What is an Orderpicker?

You may have seen an Orderpicker in use at  a hardware store or at another warehouse.  You might be wondering how to use one in your warehouse.  Or you might be trying to figure out what an orderpicker is used for and why.  In this article, we will describe what an orderpicker is used for …

Very Narrow Aisles in a Warehouse

What are the advantages and disadvantages of very narrow aisle turret trucks? The pros and cons of swing reach vna forklift trucks are discussed to help you evaluate whether to convert your warehouse to a narrower aisle layout.

Forklift Life Expectancy

How many years will my forklift last? How old will a forklift get before it needs to be retired and replaced? What helps a lift truck last longer? What shortens a fork truck’s life? How do I calculate a lift trucks’ total cost of ownership? What is the benchmark for maintenance and repair costs on a forklift? How many hours will a forklift run for before needing to be replaced? Can an electric forklift operate outside?