How to Buy a Reach Truck for your Warehouse

Looking to buy a Reach Truck?  Read this first.  This short article will guide you through the ins and out of buying a reach fork lift truck. This article will take you through: reach truck dimensions and technical parameters important warehouse design considerations Buy a Reach Fork Truck When buying a reach lift truck you …

Mobile Racking: Optimize Pallet Density in Cold Storage Warehouses

In this article, we continue to explore mobile bases and how they can be used to increase warehouse storage while preserving selectivity.  Here are two examples of using mobile raking in cold storage warehouses.  Cold storage is of course one of the most expensive storage applications due to high cost of building an insulated and …

Forklift Aisle Requirements – A Guide for Best Warehouse Layouts

Guide to designing forklift aisle dimensions based on the type of lift truck. Wide aisles, narrow aisles and very narrow aisles are explained. With this article, you will be able to budget space and layout a warehouse and set the rack to rack dimension based on whether you are using an orderpicker, turret truck, reach or deep reach and stand up counterbalanced forklift truck.

Forklift Driver Training #4

Test your Warehouse IQ! Q: When inspecting the forklift battery, you are looking for all of the following except?  (Click on the one that does not apply) Gates are in place Battery disconnect functions Fully charged Battery falls out when a sharp turn is taken