Forklift Leases Explained

Looking for information on leasing a forklift? The different types of forklift leases are explained here. What is a fair market value lease? A full payout lease? A full service lease? An operating lease? These and other questions about forklift leasing are answered here.

What is a Reach Truck?

Find information about a Reach truck including its aisle requirement. Reach truck help you save space in your warehouse by being highly maneuverable and using a reach mechanism to reach out and pick up a pallet, then retract to make the lift truck smaller to turn in a narrower aisle. This type of forklift is called a narrow aisle forklift working in a 9 foot aisle or less.

Used forklifts for sale – A buyer’s guide

How to buy a used lift truck Use this buyer’s guide to help you when you shop for a used forklift. When you look at a used forklift for sale, you will need to know a few things to determine the value: Age Hours History Condition Let’s go over the basics of each of the …