Forklift Battery Charger Selection Guide

With so many forklift battery charger manufacturers selling in the market,  how is a savvy warehouse manager or purchasing agent supposed to know which charger is best for his or her company’s operation? Below, Warehouse IQ has provided a simple guide to selecting the best forklift battery charger and power solutions for your operation. Shift …

Video: EnerSys’ new faster charger for lift trucks at ProMat 2011

New forklift battery charger from Enersys. The eMAX HF battery chargers can opportunity charge batteries for lift trucks faster than conventional battery chargers. Enersys is interviewed on VIDEO at ProMat 2011 by

How to charge and care for forklift batteries

Battery maintenance guide: What is proper way to care for a forklift battery? When charging forklift batteries, you need to follow these simple rules: cool, clean, water, charge, discharge, rotate. This article explains what to do on a daily, weekly and monthly bases.