Mobile Racking: Optimize Pallet Density in Cold Storage Warehouses

In this article, we continue to explore mobile bases and how they can be used to increase warehouse storage while preserving selectivity.  Here are two examples of using mobile raking in cold storage warehouses.  Cold storage is of course one of the most expensive storage applications due to high cost of building an insulated and …

How to Store Wine Densely Using Mobile Pallet Racking

This article describes a new storage idea for storing wine densely in a warehouse using mobile racking. Mobile racking is becoming a popular concept in warehouse design due its space efficiency without compromising selectivity.

Automobile Storage Using Mobile Storage Rack in South Africa

This article describes a unique storage idea for automobile storage in South Africa. The warehouse racking system uses steel box beams and mobile racking bases made by Storax and marketed by Barpro Storage.

Order Entry and Order Processing Tips

Tips, ideas and best practices for entering orders, readying orders and processing orders for the warehouse. Also, in this article are described the benefits of bar code scanning in a distribution and picking operation.

Automated Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) and Vertical Carousels – 6 Reasons How to Save Labor, Cube and Money

Automated Vertical Storage Solutions – Converting Wasted Labor & Space Into Profit The space savings benefits of vertical storage and retrieval systems, however, are just a small piece of the savings potential of these systems. There are a number of reasons why reducing the amount of space required by storage and retrieval systems can result …