What is an Orderpicker?

You may have seen an Orderpicker in use at  a hardware store or at another warehouse.  You might be wondering how to use one in your warehouse.  Or you might be trying to figure out what an orderpicker is used for and why.  In this article, we will describe what an orderpicker is used for …

Warehousing Industry’s Next Big Challenge – Being Successful

The next big challenge to the warehousing industry is described in this article about having too much growth, too few laborers and not enough productivity. By taking these challenges as a positive, success is just around the corner.

Order Entry and Order Processing Tips

Tips, ideas and best practices for entering orders, readying orders and processing orders for the warehouse. Also, in this article are described the benefits of bar code scanning in a distribution and picking operation.

Automated Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) and Vertical Carousels – 6 Reasons How to Save Labor, Cube and Money

Automated Vertical Storage Solutions – Converting Wasted Labor & Space Into Profit The space savings benefits of vertical storage and retrieval systems, however, are just a small piece of the savings potential of these systems. There are a number of reasons why reducing the amount of space required by storage and retrieval systems can result …

Profiling – ABCs of Warehousing and Distribution

Based on the number of lines per order, learn how to design a warehouse pick operation. Areas discussed include slotting, velocity, ABC analysis, 80-20 rule for the warehouse, and if you company owns both the distribution center and the retails stores, the benefits of slotting by store aisles.