Order Entry and Order Processing Tips

Tips, ideas and best practices for entering orders, readying orders and processing orders for the warehouse. Also, in this article are described the benefits of bar code scanning in a distribution and picking operation.

How to Avoid Costly Year End Physical Inventory

How do you avoid a costly year-end physical inventory? This article explains how to cycle count and work with your auditor to save time, money, labor, stress and handling, all while increasing control over your critical and or expensive inventory items.

Forklift Fuel Cost Calculator – Cat Lift Trucks

Forklift Fuel Cost Calculator – Propane vs Electric lift trucks: Looking to reduce costs or calculate the cost difference between running a propane (fossil fuel) forklift vs and electric forklift? This calculator helps you calculate your total overall cost of ownership from Cat Lift Trucks.

Warehouse Dock Door Damage Prevention

Has an OTR truck or forklift ever damaged your warehouse roll-up door? One of the most overlooked costs of warehouse operations and maintenance is damage to the warehouse roll-up door by vehicular traffic. Whether the damage is caused by a truck or a forklift, the money spent on these costly repairs adds up to losses …

Enersys – Forklift Battery Maintenance Explained

Forklift Battery and Charger Preventive Maintenance programs – “A Wise Investment” Written by: Scott Weiss & Mark Waycaster EnerSys Motive Power Los Angeles, CA Photos: (from left to right): A) Knowing the condition of your lift truck batteries is key to long and productive battery life. B) Checking specific gravity and voltages regularly helps detect …