Rack sack

A large industrial polyester bag that is hung on pallet racking end frames so warehouse workers can use it as a garbage bag. Learn more: [Read more…]


Definition: What is a Sweeper? In a material handling context, most warehouse operations use motorized sweeper equipment (battery- or fuel-driven). These machines typically carry two [Read more…]

Safety Mats

Definition: What is a Safety Mat? Production and warehousing facilities install safety mats in order to protect floors, trap dirt and water as well as [Read more…]

Rolling Ladder

Definition: What is a Rolling Ladder? Ladders equipped with casters to permit them to be moved with ease from place to place are called rolling [Read more…]

Rack Safety Nets

Definition: What are Rack Safety Nets? A retractable safety net, mounted at the top and bottom to a cable offset from a pallet rack is [Read more…]