Video: Have you Profiled your Distribution Facility Lately?

Recent trends affecting your warehouse operations today. Based on these factors, it is important to profile the products in your warehouse immediately. Also, a video is embedded for you to watch on profiling your distribution center.

Twinlode Increases Warehouse Productivity and Storage Density

Twinlode:  A quick way to cut warehouse expenses. Many distribution centers ask the same questions hoping that a pallet rack consultant will give them a new answer.  Here are a few of the questions you may be asking; “How can I store more product in my existing space” or “Why can’t I carry two pallets …

Profiling – Slotting Items based on Case Height, Weight, Dimensions

When stacking product on a pallet, you need to know the stackability and the crushability of a product. In this article, the stacking and crushing factors are defined to help develop best practices for slotting products for picking and transporting on a pallet. This will effect the products ability to be store using bulk storage techniques.

Profiling – ABCs of Warehousing and Distribution

Based on the number of lines per order, learn how to design a warehouse pick operation. Areas discussed include slotting, velocity, ABC analysis, 80-20 rule for the warehouse, and if you company owns both the distribution center and the retails stores, the benefits of slotting by store aisles.

What is Profiling for the Warehouse?

Warehouse profiling is the process of sorting through the ABC analysis, assessing the distribution center size, picking methodology (consolidated, velocity, family, batch, random), warehouse product characteristics (cube, weight, stackability), cube usage (slot openings), heuristic best case analysis (selecting storage options). Once profiling of a warehouse is complete, a distribution center manager can recommend the best layout and make the warehouse layout flexible. With this, he will have a list of storage types, number of units and the SKU assigned to storage types.