When Should a Forklift have Preventative Maintenance Done?

Guide to when service and maintenance should be performed on a lift truck. Forklifts are required to have regular inspection and repair according to OSHA. This article explains some of the ins and outs of preventative maintenance on an industrial truck.

What is the True Capacity of My Forklift?

A forklift has a lifting and carrying capacity at a given height when it leaves the factory, however, that capacity can change when attachments, booms, fork extensions and other modifications are made to the lift truck. This article explains the impact of the load center, center of gravity and other items that impacts materials handling equipment.

Warehouse Dock Door Damage Prevention

Has an OTR truck or forklift ever damaged your warehouse roll-up door? One of the most overlooked costs of warehouse operations and maintenance is damage to the warehouse roll-up door by vehicular traffic. Whether the damage is caused by a truck or a forklift, the money spent on these costly repairs adds up to losses …

Forklift Driver Training #4

Test your Warehouse IQ! Q: When inspecting the forklift battery, you are looking for all of the following except?  (Click on the one that does not apply) Gates are in place Battery disconnect functions Fully charged Battery falls out when a sharp turn is taken