Used forklifts for sale – A buyer’s guide

How to buy a used lift truck Use this buyer’s guide to help you when you shop for a used forklift. When you look at a used forklift for sale, you will need to know a few things to determine the value: Age Hours History Condition Let’s go over the basics of each of the …

How to charge and care for forklift batteries

Battery maintenance guide: What is proper way to care for a forklift battery? When charging forklift batteries, you need to follow these simple rules: cool, clean, water, charge, discharge, rotate. This article explains what to do on a daily, weekly and monthly bases.

Types of forklift batteries – Different batteries explained

What is the best forklift battery? Find out here. Some basic information on forklift batteries including a brief history and basic facts. This article helps explain the technology and the workings of a forklift battery. Electric lift trucks have many different types of battery options. You will find information about the various types of forklift batteries and some of the pros and cons, dos and don’t on charging and caring for a forklift battery.