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Warehouse lease agreement

Written by WarehouseIQ Editor on April 4, 2017 – 3:44 am - (142 views)

Seeking a warehouse lease agreement for your state? This link will help

If you own a warehouse and want to lease it out, then this warehouse lease template will help guide you. The document help you outline the key legal details as a landlord. If you are a tenant that wants to lease a warehouse, then these agreements will help you bring your own agreement to the table. These are professionally written warehouse lease templates for each state. They will help you secure or lease commercial space with the right terms for you.

These warehouse lease agreement templates are ideal for you:

  • If your own a warehouse or related property that is available for a commercial tenant.
  • You own commercial storage building that will be offered for leased to a tenant.
  • You or your company wants to bring your own lease form to a warehouse landlord you are negotiating with.

Protect yourself and your company, whether you are a landlord or you are the tenant. And be sure to define all the terms necessary to make the lease process easy and straightforward.  These state specific warehouse lease documents will outline all issues relating to your lease agreement including:

  • Rent amounts and due dates
  • Duration of lease and renewal
  • Terms of lease
  • Security and access
  • Ambient temperature conditions of the warehouse
  • Included or excluded equipment
  • Insurance coverage required by the tenant
  • Insurance coverage required by the landlord
  • Utilities
  • Building upkeep
  • Landlord responsibilities
  • Tenant responsibilities
  • Leasehold improvements
warehouse lease agreement

Commercial Lease agreement with money on a table.

Download the specific lease document that you need, below, for the state you will be signing a lease in:
Documents are instantly available on download and they come in the following common and useful formats, including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF
  • WordPerfect
  • Rich Text Format

Click to access the warehouse lease agreement for your state

Unsure what a lease agreement is and need some further explanation? Click here for a definition

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