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Fully Automated Warehouse – AS/RS

Written by editor on May 17, 2011 – 1:20 pm - (2459 views)

Automated warehouse by Automha-USA

Distributed by Hannibal Industries, Vernon California

Fully automated warehouse. Drop a pallet and the autosat mover (Pallet Shuttle) does the rest. If you were thinking about buying a AS/RS system for your warehouse, look at this cool option first.

The Pallet Shuttle creates an highly productive system that optimizes space better than any other storage mediums offered today.

Here is the process the pallet follows…

The Pallet is placed on the conveyor by a pallet jack, it is conveyed to the elevator which will lift it to the correct level.  Once at the correct level in the rack system the Master Shuttle will move the pallet to the correct slot.  The Pallet Shuttle will delivery the pallet to the deepest pallet position possible at that time.

This system does not have any height restrictions and can stack pallets as deep as one can imagine. 

If your warehouse has thousands of pallets bulk stacked you are probably paying a large sum each month just to lease the facility.  With the Pallet Shuttle your ceiling can be 60-80 feet high and truly use the entire cube.  This is the future of material handling.

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