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Dumpster rentals for business – Affordable waste management solution

Written by WarehouseIQ Editor on July 22, 2015 – 10:52 am - (1627 views)

dumpster rentals for business

Rented dumpsters can save your business money

If you are looking to manage cash flow and have an operation that has a moderate waste management needs, then you might look at using a dumpster rental company like this one in Toronto (there are many such companies in every city) and arrange a monthly program with them. For example you could have a dumpster delivered for the last week of each month and then load in the waste from your business or operation and have them come and pick up the full dumpster at the end of the week.

If you did this monthly and generally have dry waste, it can be an efficient way to manage waste removal costs. If you have a wet waste flow you might want to manage a weekly rental if your garbage contractor or city service cannot service the volume that you need.

Dumpster rentals for businesses and bin rentals for restaurants is an effective way to keep costs down when your waste management needs don’t require daily or bi-weekly pickup.

A warehouse dumpster rental is also a good way to keep your aisles and work areas clear of debris and garbage accumulation and, as most people know, it can be part of a safety plan for your materials handling workforce.

Some smaller warehouses have a garbage store that can use a dumpster rental strategy effectively.

Dumpster rental costs

Typically most dumpster rental companies that service business and residential needs have a tiered pricing system.

  • You pay for a weekly rental that is a flat rate for the bin itself.
  • Then you pay for the tonnage loaded into the bin.
  • Some companies require a fuel surcharge.
  • There can also be staffing fees applicable.
  • Occasionally you will also have to pay pickup and drop off charges.
  • However, the best operations offer flat rate dumpster rental pricing. Be sure to ask if there are any hidden costs when you call to book.

One tip on dealing with your waste management company, for a schedule repeat bin rental, you may be able to negotiate discounts based on volume.

Examples of regional dumpster rental companies you could use

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