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These warehouse calculators help you quickly analyse various parts of the warehouse and its operations. These on-line calculators are designed to help you better manage your business.

The Cost of a Higher Interest Rate on a Forklift Lease

Forklift Lease Calculator – Are you looking at two different leases with two different interest rates?  Trying to figure out which lease will cost you more?  This calculator will calculate the savings you will have when leasing at a lower interest rate.

This leasing calculator will help you work out which leasing company is offering a better deal for your warehousing or distribution business.

Or Maybe you just want to know how much it would cost to lease a forklift.  Maybe you know the purchase price, but wanted to know what the payment would be on a lease quickly.  This lease calculator will help you budget a new forklift lease.

How do I Calculate the Load Capacity of a Forklift?

Forklift Load Capacity Calculator – Most all forklifts’ lifting capacity is rated on a 24 inch load center.  To estimate the capacity of a forklift with a longer load, the calculator can help.

If you have purchased fork extensions for your forklift, extending the load center out, you can calculate the new load center on your forklift here.

Note: always check with your forklift manufacturer to confirm lifting capacities of your forklift.  The spec plate will contain all safety information around load capacities for the load centers.  If you change your forks or load center, check with your forklift manufacturer before you lift a load.

In-House Maintenance Calculator

Calculate Forklift Repair Costs – Looking to outsource your forklift maintenance or bring it back in house to save money?  This calculator can help you determine the savings of maintaining and repairing forklifts in house or out-sourcing maintenance and repair to an outside forklift repair company.

Forklift Battery Ampere Hour Calculator

Calculate the ampere hour (AH) of a forklift battery – If you know the model number of the battery you have in your forklift, but you don’t know if it is matched to the AH rating of your battery charger, this calculator can help.

Simply enter the model number of your forklift battery in the 3 boxes and the calculator will tell you what the ampere hour rating is.



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